• Dipsss, specialist in individualised sleep advice


Dipsss was established in 1992 with the following mission: to offer an objective, individualised answer to the demand for honest sleep advice. We visit markets and trade shows, both nationally and internationally, to find the best and newest products to guarantee everyone optimal sleeping comfort. That is what makes Dipsss a well-known player when it comes to individualised sleep advice. And not only for the private market! Because doctors and physical therapists also regularly refer their patients with sleep difficulties to Dispsss, the company has continued to intensify its work on specific sleep systems for people with medical problems.

Dipsss has developed exclusive top-quality products in cooperation with specialised companies.

The best well-known of these are:


Pillows with a hard and a soft comfort plate which can be exchanged depending on the wishes of the user.

Callito TCU

A mattress with various climate zones which can be individually heated or cooled.

Box waterbed

A bed that provides support like a box spring, with all of the comfort of a water bed.