• Medimio, a ‘new’ company with many years of experience!


As a result of our ageing population, the demand for specialised sleep systems in medical and care institutions is also growing. Not only is there a need for adapted reclining comfort, but also for solutions and safety systems that allow for monitoring in case of accidents (for example, a fall) or calamities (fire, attacks…). That is why Dipsss, as a specialist in individualised reclining comfort, started Medimio, a separate company targeting the needs of the care sector.

Several examples

In cooperation with innovative technology companies, Medimio develops solutions which offer a qualitative answer to the specific needs of today.


A comfort mattress with the looks of a regular mattress but fitted with a SKI sheet and integrated fixation belts. Allows for exceptionally rapid evacuation in case of fire, explosions, gas leaks…! (Fully compliant with the latest hygiene and fire safety standards.)

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A mattress that automatically communicates when a problem is detected. Both with an internal emergency notification centre as well as with external caregivers.

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