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Wide selection of comfort mattresses

Medimio offers a wide range of comfort mattresses for the care sector. Depending on the specific complaints or medical needs, the core of the mattress is available in a variety of thicknesses, compositions and degrees of support. Our anti-decubitus (anti-bed sore) models achieve the best results in the prevention of bed sores!
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Integrated intelligence

Medimio developed Sentor, the intelligent bed sensor that notifies you via your emergency notification centre or mobile telephone when someone stays out of bed longer than expected. This 100% reliable monitoring lightens the workload of your teams when it comes to monitoring and checking on patients. And it eliminates the need for fixation of high-risk patients.
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Safety mattresses

Fire? Explosion?… With Quicksave from Medimio, 300% more bedridden residents or patients can be evacuated in the event of a calamity. The evacuation sheet under the mattress and the pull straps make it possible for one rescue worker to drag one patient – strapped onto the mattress – quickly, safely, comfortably and without injury to a hazard-free zone.
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