• Quicksave. Save up to 300% more human lives!

Safety mattresses

Fire? Explosion?… With Quicksave from Medimio, 300% more bedridden residents or patients can be evacuated in the event of a calamity. The evacuation sheet under the mattress and the pull straps make it possible for one rescue worker to drag one patient – strapped onto the mattress – quickly, safely, comfortably and without injury to a hazard-free zone.

What is Quicksave?

A unique, sliding mattress always ready for immediate use
Quicksave looks like any other mattress in any other nursing centre. Except when you look under it! The bottom of this mattress has a evacuation sheet, made with a low-friction coating, incorporated into it, so that the patient can be optimally brought to safety in the event of a calamity. Extendible fixation belts can be pulled out from the sides of the mattress, and both the head and the foot of the mattress are equipped with double handles which can withstand a heavy pulling force. This means that one rescue worker is sufficient to evacuate one patient – strapped onto the mattress – quickly, safely, comfortably and without injury to a hazard-free zone.

 The evacuation sheet underneath, the fixation belts on the sides and the strong pulling handles make Quicksave a unique and comfortable evacuation tool!!

How does Quicksave work?


Comparison Quicksave - traditional evacuation

Unprecedented test results!
In cooperation with fire department and hospital personnel, Disaster Coordinators Limburg organised a number of large-scale fire drills in the RX Department and in the operating wing of the hospital. The results showed that Quicksave makes a significant difference in evacuation duration and effectiveness:

300% more lives saved

Where it normally takes 3 to 4 people to rescue 1 patient, with Quicksave it only requires 1 rescue worker! So with the same manpower, at least 300% more lives can be literally pulled from the fire!

50% time-saving

The evacuation sheet, the fixation belts and the pulling handles make it possible to comfortably move the patient to a safe zone in half the usual evacuation time. In other words, twice as fast!

Customized models available

Quicksave is available in four comfort models

Quicksave Intelligence

14 cm thick, full mattress with integrated bed sensor for detection of long-term absence. Mattress quality can be chosen by the institution.

Quicksave Antidecubitus

14 cm thick, full mattress for the prevention of bed sores. Mattress for intensive care, specifically designed for bed sore prevention.

Quicksave Comfort

14 cm thick, full mattress for supportive reclining comfort. Mattress quality can be chosen by the institution.

Quicksave Support

Thin, 4 cm thick evacuation mattress used as support for an alternating-pressure mattress overlay.

Do you have other reclining comfort, hygiene, safety… requirements?

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We will completely customise Quicksave to your requirements.

Quicksave, a must for every nursing centre!

Quicksave is absolutely indispensable for the medical and care sectors! In case of fire, explosion, a gas leak or another calamity, this evacuation mattress helps you:


  • to evacuate more quickly and more safely
  • to save more lives
  • to work more efficiently and more economically (1 man or woman – instead of 3 to 4 – can rescue one patient of up to 140 kg)
  • to move the patient comfortably without injury
  • to prevent back complaints in rescue workers

Pieter Cox

During the drills, we noticed a clear difference. Thanks to Quicksave, we are now able to carry out quicker and safer evacuations with only 1 rescue worker. While the comfort of the patient is maintained.’

Pieter Cox

Hospital Disaster Planning Coordinator

Technical specifications & certification

Quicksave is CE-certified.

Technical specifications & certification