• Sentor. Integrated intelligence.

What is Sentor?

Automatic notification in case of problems
Sentor is the intelligent bed sensor. When someone stays out of bed longer than expected, the system sends a signal directly to your emergency notification centre or – via the mobile telephone network – to the caregiver(s) at home. This way, if there has been a fall or someone is unwell, appropriate action can be taken quickly. Even at night! So your team’s workload is reduced, there is less stress for the family and there are fewer incidents with serious outcomes!

How does Sentor work?

Multifunctional, customised and easy to adjust
Sentor is safe – it works on the basis of light signals that are compressed by the body weight of the patient. As soon as the patient leaves the bed, the sensor detects a change in the amount of light it receives. That way the system ‘knows’ that the bed is empty. The communication to the emergency notification centre can be individualised. For example, the emergency signal can be initiated when the person:

gets out of bed

does not return to the bed within a specified amount of time after leaving the bed

remains in bed too long

does not go to bed at all

How does Sentor work?

Sentor, the alternative to fixation!

Reliable top technology

Medimio works together closely with innovative technology companies. As a result, Sentor was created in collaboration with SensoTiss, a specialist in monitoring – with respect and attention to those in need of care. Together, Medimio and SensoTiss guarantee you quality and personal service!

Safe monitoring with respect for patient dignity

Not all patients are willing to ask for help at night when they want to get out of bed. For some higher-risk cases, fixation appears to be the only solution. Unfortunately, this often leads to agitation, anger, depression, bed sores and even fractures. Sentor offers safe monitoring, with respect for the dignity and privacy of the user.

Ten important reasons to install Sentor

Effective monitoring for emergency notification centres and caregivers

More rapid incident detection

Reliable operation based on light signals

100% safe (no electrical connections in or under mattress)

Ideal alternative to fixation

Unobtrusive placement under mattress, without any hindrance

Easily adjustable

Multifunctional mode and time settings

Reduced workload for night teams

Test Sentor for one month FREE in your nursing centre and at no obligation!

Would you like to test the Sentor for one month FREE in your nursing centre?

Please do! Take advantage of this product launch offer and discover how your team’s workload is reduced and how the sense of security amongst your patients / residents increases.

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Rest assured with Sentor, the intelligent bed sensor.

“I have lived in this retirement home for three years now. I feel quite at home here. One night, not too long ago, I became unwell. I made it to the toilet just in time, but then everything started spinning and I fell. I lay on the ground until the morning nurse came around. It was no laughing matter! Since then, I have a Sentor under my mattress. The emergency notification centre now receives an automatic signal if I am out of my bed at night for longer than half an hour. A great relief for everyone!”

Bertha De Visser from Herentals